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The BIG BOX 🧰 of Team Building Tools: A Toolkit of Downloadable Gems for Team Bonding and Development

🧰 The BIG BOX of Team Building tools is an over share of team building for those (like me) that can't decide on just one tool. This tool box will never get smaller - but it will go up in price as we add more tools - good news is, you will never pay more, you already own the box. Inside you will find a plethora activities that you can lead it yourself or use the included explainer video featuring Tyler Hayden. (English and Française Incluse)

🧰 From Strangers to Soulmates: A Team Building Database

🎓 Your work as a manager is B-U-S-Y and you want to ensure that the time ⏰ you and your team invest 💰 is as effective and efficient as possible. In this course you will learn a host of tips and tricks ⁉️ to help up level your success. You will explore everything from Remote "Studio" Set-Up to Designing a Learning Path and Adult Learning 101 to Facilitation Techniques - and of course a full dose of actionable tools that are tested and road ready to take your team building to team learning.

🎓 Cracking the Team Learning Code: Unveiling the Secrets of Effective Team Building with MIQ 

🎓 Are you ready to embark on a journey that combines the art 🖼️ of teamwork with the science 🧬 of multiple intelligences? If you've ever wondered why some teams click like a well-oiled machine while others struggle to find their rhythm, you're about to uncover the secret sauce of Team Learning! Join uswhere we dive headfirst 🚀 into the world of Multiple Intelligences Quotient (MIQ) to not only build a better team but to create an experience that's as engaging as it is enlightening.


Lee Lambert

Founder of PMP & PMI Fellow

“As a PMI Fellow and long standing member of the organization, it has been my pleasure to attend and participate in dozens of PMI Symposia, Conferences and PDD events throughout the world. During that time there has been one professional who has never failed to intrigue me with his fantastic presentation skills and his uncanny ability to create interest and results when it comes providing insight and techniques for developing and maintaining high performance teams. This guy Rocks!!”

Chirstina Millar

Event Producer

"Tyler rolled into a conference in Banff recently with the most unusual collection of team-building supplies. As one of the production team members, I was on the “inside” watching Tyler work his magic in the most amazing ways with our group of 250 managers. I highly recommend Tyler - he truly delivers!

Vince Poscente

Olympian & Hall of Fame Speaker

"I love the way Tyler has applied Multiple Intelligences to help leaders choose team building tools. It gives them a measurable way to focus team building efforts - creating greater success for leaders and their teams alike."

Hugh Richards

Project Manager & National PMP Instructor

"I was impressed with his fantastic selection of books and team building activities, so much so that I purchased everything he had to offer that day... One team building activity I use frequently is Team Building 20, a fun and interactive, get-to-know-you activity that allows my course participants to have fun while learning about each another. Team Building 20 is a great ice-breaker activity or just an amusing way to break up the day with an injection of fun and laughter, my participants simply love it and I enjoy delivering my courses more because of this great activity that Tyler has created."

A Word about Our Founder, 
Tyler Hayden CSP

Since 1996, Tyler Hayden CSP continues to be a sought after and internationally respected team building designer, best-selling author, and business speaker.

When it comes to empowering audiences and teams to succeed—and to be their best every day—Tyler leads the way with insight and laughter. His team building workshops and motivational keynote speeches receive rave reviews from managers and business leaders alike. "Energizing," "hilarious," "who knew learning could be this much fun." and "ideas I can easily implement," are things regularly said by Tyler's clients about his keynotes and team building events.

He is the author of over twenty-five books and the creative mind behind 100s of powerful and fun team building products including: Virtually Engaged Team Building, The Business that Cared About People, The 14-Minute Mentor, Livin' Life Large, Father's & Mother's Message in a. Bottle, TEAM Activities, and More.

Tyler is a thought leader who works internationally with Fortune 500, Inc 5000 and Premier Associations to level-up their learning design. Tyler's innovative gamification and in-depth understanding of multiple intelligences yields programs that increase engagement and learning in amazingly simple ways.

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